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 Communication: Hello!  I thought I'd give you an update on my thoughts from your reading.  You said I could communicate with my animals if I wished.  A couple of mornings after your reading, I went out to the barn, and said to the four horses who live in there, "You know what your names are, but what do you call me?".  One horse, turned her back on me, and I got the impression she was disgusted that it took me so many years to ask.  Two of the horses put their ears forward and snorted at me, where the horse that is most connected to me looked happy, and sang out a sound.  Pure joy.  They then all looked expectantly at me to continue the conversation.
About the ghost in my house.  I noted nothing extraordinary this past February, the month when there was usually activity.  I wondered quite some time about the impression of a woman showing you her bracelet.  That made no sense to me at all... until last month I was getting something out of my jewelry box, and it hit me.  I bought this jewelry box some years ago at the local Goodwill.  You mentioned her jewelry was dispersed throughout the area.  Now it makes sense to me.  I have her jewelry box!!!!
Thank you again for such an interesting reading, and thank you Sharon for getting the reading for me!   Pamela
 Hands on healing... Marian in North Olmsted... When my dog was ill, Liz came in and did healing on her. Not only did my dog respond, Liz could tell me what she was thinking and what was bothering her. I would recommend Liz for healing and animal communication under any circumstances.
 Communication... Suzy in Vermilion, Ohio... I asked Liz to speak to my 21 year old cat. She was able to tell me what Jazmine was feeling and what she needed. She was a great comfort when my kitty passed over. Liz is always ready to help and comfort with her many gifts.
Animal Communication...Nanci in Grafton... Our dog Murphy has seizures. We often ask Liz to check in with him to see how he is feeling, tell him we love him etc. It is for our peace of mind. Liz indicated once that Murphy wasnt responding- he seemed distracted. I had just given him a bone to chew and he did not want to be bothered :). Murph loves Liz too!
 Animal Communication...Sandy & Chris in Parma... When our friend Pat passed away we knew we would be taking in her cat Tiffany. Tiffany wasn't the friendliest cat, Pat couldn't even pick her up. Pat actually was bitten by her a couple times. So we knew we would have our hands full bringing her home to our 2 dogs & 3 cats, but we promised to take care of her. Tiffany was given a whole room to herself. I would go into defense mode when I went in to feed her. She tried biting me a couple times. I wanted to give more physical contact, so I wore a big pair of work gloves, that way I could pet her without fear of her biting me. The outlook didn't look good. Then I meet Liz =:) She recommended using rescue remedy bach flower in Tiffany's water. I faithfully put it in the water. After 2 weeks we had a new cat. I was shocked when I went in to feed her & she started rubbing against my leg, purring & happy. The bach flower helped put her at ease. Now we have a very well behaved & loving cat. Thanks to Liz, we were able to keep our promise & make Tiffany part of our family.
Animal Communication...Liz in Parma... Liz has a special gift for pet communication. She was able to help with a stray beagle we found on the street. Since gaining a better understanding of our pup, Tyler he has become a really good boy. Also, I use the Bach flower in his water to help calm him from the troubles he had in the past.
Animal Communication... Susan in Ohio...
 Liz, I met you at It's Your Journey in mid Dec. I had a reading for my 15 plus year dog to tell him I had to go out of town. During the reading you also did a body scan and said you did not sense cancer (in spite of the fact that he had a huge orange size growth!). Since that reading .... he did fine while I was out of town and the growth has reduced in size to maybe a prune size ... in less than 2 months!!
I believe that your message caused a shift in my mindset re the tumour .... with miraculous results! I just wanted to share this with you and to say thank you!!
Namaste, Susan
Animal Communication: Maureen in Ohio...
Greetings of Great Joy - 
I just wanted to 'thank you' for your phone call this evening and the 'good news' that you shared about your conversation with Bailey!  It was 100 percent accurate and reflective of what I believe Bailey might say!  Of course, knowing that she is aware of our deep love for her thrills me immensely, as I just want her to be comfortable and to enjoy her journey in the best way possible!   Your words with her is a tremendous lift and encouragement to myself and our family - we 'thank you' so much!!!!
 Bailey is our 'doggone miracle' and she is a privilege to care for!
 Thank you, Liz and have a wonderful week, filled with God's many blessings -
With a great-filled and a  grateful heart,
PS - I hope and pray that our paths cross once again....

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